As a Contractor, How Do I Tell My Story?

In my last post, I touched on telling good stories as a way of showing your work.

Content is powerful and it creates awareness which results in business growth. But creating content like blogs and videos comes with risks: it is time consuming, it can be overwhelming and it can be expensive. And the biggest pitfall of creating bad content is you create a bad impression of your brand ( which can be irreversible!!)

So, what’s the best way to tell your story? I use these four elements to create a story:

  1. The problem the brand is trying to solve: prospective clients need to understand the reason for your existence. Therefore this needs to be told repetitively.
  2. Resources available: writing a Facebook post requires less resources than writing a blog. Writing a blog requires less resources than recording a podcast. Recording a podcast requires less resources than shooting a 10 minute video. Shooting a 10 minutes video requires less resources than shooting a 45 minute company documentary. The resources a company has determines the type of content that can be shared.
  3. Differentiation: why would a prospective customer choose contractor A and not contractor B yet they are selling the same product or service? Every good contractor has something that distinguishes it from the competition. However contractors struggle on how to bring that story, value, or purpose to life. Great content always educates, entertains and evokes emotions in people.
  4. Goals of the business: This choice is important, because the content creator uses it to guide the content to be created.

Every business in the construction industry does need to control their narrative and their story. The better the content, the more powerfully you can transform your traditional business into something that engages people through content.