There’s a reason why developers and real estate agents put up the sign “over 90% sold”. That is because they know it will spark an interest to a prospective home buyer. They’re trying to create context and positioning.

Context matters for everything. For example, you negotiate to a client to get paid after ninety days and you are happy. Later you learn that the same client pays after thirty days. You get angry and try to renegotiate the deal.

This type of positioning and context matters especially in branding. Branding starts the moment your potential lands on your company, whether online or offline.

Digital skills- how to learn fast

Going deep into one digital skill often develops many other.

- Try blog writing, and you will learn marketing and SEO too

- Try coding, you will learn design, logic, UX too

- Try YouTubing, and you will learn video editing, marketing, photo editing, story telling too.

taking clients for a game drive …

Over 70% of business in this industry comes from referrals and repeat business from existing clients. That is how the industry has been traditionally and it’s one of the reasons majority of companies in the construction industry don’t invest heavily in marketing campaigns and brand awareness. The customer loyalty is…

solar water heating appliances that save on energy cost of heating water….

The biggest benefit digital marketing offers to marketing today is the power of data. Data has enabled construction companies to get to precise, targeted, and actionable insights against their marketing efforts. In fact, data has enabled construction companies to accurately measure their return on marketing investment.

However, getting data is…

Tom Muriuki Muchuku

I obsess with optimizing businesses in the built environment.

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